About me


My name is Julio Stuart. I recently graduated New York University’s Stern School of Business with a degree in finance and international business, and a specialization in media studies. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Management Studies at Duke University. My professional experiences include:

  • Corporate Strategy & Analytics, NBC Universal
  • Trends & Strategic Insights, Content Innovation Group,  NBC Universal
  • Digital Revenue Development, Warner Music Group
  • Market Research, Continental AG
  • Media Relations, Trylon SMR

My goal is to help companies understand consumer culture, thus allowing them to effectively market their products. Our world has become increasingly dynamic and diverse; as such, it is more difficult than ever before to compartmentalize the typical customer. The trends that pervade society today may very well be non-existent tomorrow. Therefore, it is imperative for the firm to consistently be aware of these progressions in order to be sustainable.

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